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Bicycles of Cambridge, England - photos
(Tue 27 May 2003 to Thu 5 Jun 2003, 23 photos)

Bicycles and Post boxes, England, photo
Bicycles and Post boxes
Senate house railings, England, photo
Senate house railings
King's Parade, England, photo
King's Parade
Caius bicycles, England, photo
Caius bicycles
Rose Crescent bicycles, England, photo
Rose Crescent bicycles
Trinity Hall bicycle, England, photo
Trinity Hall bicycle
Arts Theatre bicycles, England, photo
Arts Theatre bicycles
Malcolm Street bicycles, England, photo
Malcolm Street bicycles
St. John's Road bicycles, England, photo
St. John's Road bicycles
Henry's Bar bicycles, England, photo
Henry's Bar bicycles
Round church bicycle, England, photo
Round church bicycle
St. John's Street tricycle, England, photo
St. John's Street tricycle
St. John's College bicycle, England, photo
St. John's College bicycle
Trinity College bicycles, England, photo
Trinity College bicycles
Trinity College bicycles, England, photo
Trinity College bicycles
Trinity Hall bicycles, England, photo
Trinity Hall bicycles
Clare College bicycles, England, photo
Clare College bicycles
Queen's Green bicycle, England, photo
Queen's Green bicycle
Brown's Restaurant bicycle, England, photo
Brown's Restaurant bicycle
Jesus Lock footbridge, England, photo
Jesus Lock footbridge
"No Parking" bicycle, England, photo
"No Parking" bicycle
Trinity College bicycles, England, photo
Trinity College bicycles
Trinity Lane bicycle, England, photo
Trinity Lane bicycle

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