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About Reggie.Net

    Digital Camera
Photographs of Canada and Japan (after June 2001) are taken on a Canon PowerShot Pro90is. Resolution is 1856x1392 pixels (2.6M pixels). Photos are about 1.8Mbytes each, and up to 680 can be taken on a 1Gbyte IBM Microdrive. With four batteries, a total of about 360 photos can be taken before recharging is necessary. The camera can zoom 10X and has image stabilisation. The key features for Reggie are: the swivel display, able to take the IBM MicroDrive, 10X zoom, built-in flash.

The photos on the web are reduced to 600 x 450 size, in JPEG format.

Earlier photos (Travel 99 and Cambridge) were taken on a Canon PowerShot Pro 70 at 1536x1024 (1.5M pixels) each.

 The computer is a Sony Vaio PCG-C1VE, running a 600MHz Crusoe processor, with 12G bytes of hard disk space. For backup, all photos are copied onto CD with a Sony CD RW player. The computer came with Windows ME, but was upgraded to Windows 2000, with some difficulties and loss of functionality, to enable Japanese fonts, and to give a more stable environment. It is carried in my rucksack everywhere, and so far (after a year) it has been very reliable. It has the excellent feature of a TV output, which is great when visiting friends and giving slideshows.

Reggie.Net is the personal website of Reggie Thomson, for sharing the beauty found when travelling, and for sharing some of the teaching ideas and methods developed while teaching children in Japan. It is programmed using PHP4 with a MySQL database.

    Reggie Thomson
Born in Scotland, and a graduate in Computer Science and Engineering from Cambridge University, Reggie Thomson has had a varied career - computing in Cambridge, teaching in Japan, and travel photography. He is currently living in Cambridge, England.

    © Copyright
All photographs, songs, haiku, tunes, poems, texts and computer programs are © Copyright Reggie Thomson 1999-2009. Please email if you wish to use any of the photographs for any purpose - commercial or non-commercial.

While every effort is made to ensure that the titles and information about the photographs is correct, no responsibility can be taken for any errors or omissions.

Your email address as entered in the Guest Book will only be used to reply to your comments, and for the occasional mailing about updates to the homepage (probably about once a year).


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