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Golden Wedding celebrations on August 31st, Longleat house, Wiltshire - photos
(Fri 30 Aug 2002 to Sat 31 Aug 2002, 36 photos)

These are some of my snaps taken on my parents' golden wedding anniversary on Saturday 31st August 2002. It was held at the Orangery at Longleat House, a National Trust property in Wiltshire in south-west England.
Dad taking photo, Bath Arms, photo
Mum, Bath Arms, photo
Jovan, Nina and Morag, Bath Arms, photo
Jovan, Nina and Morag
Evening meal, Bath Arms, photo
Evening meal
Chocolate cake, Bath Arms, photo
Chocolate cake
Fiona, Nina and Jovan departing from Bath Arms, photo
Fiona, Nina and Jovan
Pony and trap, near Bath Arms, photo
Pony and trap
Pony and trap on Longleat driveway, photo
Pony and trap
Waiting by steps of Longleat with staff, photo
Waiting at Longleat
Pony and Trap arrives at Longleat House, photo
Pony and trap
Piper greets Mum and Dad on steps of Longleat House, photo
Mum, Dad and piper
Piper leads Mum and Dad round Longleat House, photo
Piper leads way
Piper leads Mum and Dad to Orangery, photo
Piper to Orangery
The piper, photo
The piper
Mum and Dad by Orangery Garden Maze and Longleat House, photo
Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad with ladies serving drinks by Orangery, photo
Mum and Dad
Mum and Dad trying the niblets, photo
Grandchildren on Orangery steps, photo
Mum and Dad and all seven children, photo
Mum and Dad
Family group, photo
Family group
First course, photo
First course
Salmon main course, photo
Main table, photo
Main table
Younger table, photo
Younger table
Peter and Morag, photo
Peter and Morag
Hamish and Aislinn by Secret garden statue, photo
Hamish and Aislinn
Philip, Aislinn, Hamish and James by fountain, photo
Philip, Aislinn, Hamish and James
Dugald and Aislinn by fountain, photo
Dugald and Aislinn
Aislinn and Philip by fountain, photo
Aislinn and Philip
Tim, Morag, Peter and Gillian Langley, photo
Langley group
Jovan and Nina, photo
Jovan and Nina
Fiona reciting to the family group, photo
Fiona and group
Mum and Dad opening cards, photo
Mum and Dad
Cake, photo
Cake, photo
Mum and Dad cutting the cake, photo
Mum and Dad

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